Submission for Godot Wild Jam #36

Theme: "Uncontrollable Growth"
Wildcards used: "Physician, Heal Thyself"

I took the theme a bit literal and decided to make a top-down action-puzzle game where your character is constantly growing. This presented many interesting technical problems to solve. I had a really fun time with this jam and learned A LOT more about Godot in the process.

- Up/Down arrows or W/S for menu selection
- Enter/Space for menu confirmation
- Arrows or WASD for movement
- R to restart a level
- ESC to return to menu (WARNING this will not save your progress and you will have to start the game over)

Things I wished I'd had the time to do/add:
- Low-vision mode/assistance (this entire game is unfortunately identified by color and I did not have time to go through and add accessibility options)
- More levels
- 2 or 3 more mechanics to allow more complex levels
- Improve door system so that there could be multiple to unlock in a single level
- Levels that were bigger than the screen (this was a decision that was made to save time)
- Some SFX and Music would have been nice too

- I'd love to hear what you thought of the game and anything you think would be a great addition. Please comment below!

- If you find a game-breaking bug, please let me know!


GrowingPlaces.exe 33 MB
GrowingPlaces.x86_64 34 MB
GrowingPlaces.dmg 29 MB

Development log


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Getting an error for a missing .pck file. You can embed it during export which should fix that.

(1 edit)

Oh! Someone else commented about the .pck, but I didn't know it could be embedded.

Thank you so much for the tip; it should be fixed now :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Looks like the Linux executable still lacks the embedded pck file. I had to play the Windows version with Wine for now, which ran fine. Cool game btw!

thanks for letting me know! I am currently in the process of polishing the game as-is, so i will make sure i fix that when i put out the improved version :).

I enabled the embedded pck in the latest linux export so the downloads should hopefully be all fixed now!