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  • Move Critter with Arrow Keys/WASD
  • R to Reset the current level

How To Play:

Orbs of the same color can be merged into a single orb.  Orbs of primary colors will merge into their respective secondary color. Merging a secondary orb with a primary orb will result in a muddy orb, which will only merge into brown.

Orbs can pass through walls; you can't.

Activate Switches by pushing an Orb of the matching color onto them.

Open the Exit of a level by activating all Switches and matching the number of Orbs with the number of Switches.

See how quickly you can solve all 15 levels and if you can find the hidden bonus level!

Note: the game will close itself once you've beaten the FINAL level.

This game submission was made for Bitter Jam


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Windows 32-bit 16 MB
Windows 64-bit 16 MB
OSX 64-bit 15 MB


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Really fun an interesting mechanic! It would be nice to have an undo button! Great game!

(1 edit) (+1)

An undo button is first on the list of things I wished I'd had time to add haha. Reset was simpler and less time-expensive to implement so I had to make a compromise there : )

Thanks for playing!