PICO HUNT is a short game about digging up buried treasure.

Use your trusty shovel and the hints you uncover to find treasure chests hidden throughout the board.

PICO HUNT is played with the mouse (or tapping on mobile): Left-click/tap to dig or follow prompts.

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NOTE: The standalone game will also receive exclusive feature updates in the near future.


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Nice little game! I like the idea of a reverse minesweeper. But I think it’s too easy, it doesn’t prevent you from just thoughtlessly spamming clicks. Maybe you could add some traps that reset your progress if you click on them.


I am currently working on adding procedural generation to make the terrain have more variation.

Having there be no consequences is a good point, though there is no way to have the user find the treasures without finding the clues by missing them in the first place. Also have a random traps would kind of take away from the whole reverse minesweeper thing, as you could just as easily find a trap as a find a trap, which would be unbelievably frustrating.

Perhaps I could add in a move threshhold of  some sort. I am also working on adding in unique treasures that the player can find. Maybe there is a target number of max moves to beat in order to unlock treasures the user hasn't found yet?

Good stuff to think about!

Thanks for your feedback!